My interest in photography began in college and was rediscovered when illness forced me to leave teaching kindergarten in Peabody, where I had taught for many years. I could have retreated into isolation but instead I embraced life around me through the lens of a camera. I saw flowers, birds, broken barns, water, and sky. That first dreary winter of my illness, I watched a beautiful female cardinal feeding at the bird feeder outside my kitchen window and realized the world around me may have shrunk but in fact, the small neighborhood was itself a hotbed of natural wonder. A world I had taken only token notice of for a very long time.


During my recovery, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something I had always wanted: a cross-country road trip from Massachusetts to Oregon. I sent back daily photos to my friends and family in Melrose. The images improved daily – deteriorating barns, lively restaurant signage, old landmarks from new perspectives, clever highway shots, close-ups of wild flowers and decaying fences, long shots of mountain ranges at sunset, bridges at sunrise – and more. I left Melrose a woman leaving classroom teaching behind and wondering if photography would impact my life moving forward; I returned a photographer.


Now I  invite you to share my world, much bigger than it ever was.

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